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MasterChef is a program that forces you to know yourself very well because here you get the best, but also the worst. When they take you out of your job you get the nerves, you get everything because you do not control what you’re doing,» said Iván Sánchez.

MasterChef Celebrity 6 to Iván Sánchez and, consequently, single to our wonderful Verónica Forqué. Her husband Antonio said goodbye remembering the tenderness that she has inside her and how she has been one of the pillars in the program.

MasterChef Celebrity 6 played with the ingredients with which to cook and had to replicate a free dish with them to surprise the judges. But of course, not everyone had the same raw material and much less the inventiveness to make the few ingredients obtained shine.

In the trailer of the tenth program, we can see that Verónica Forqué is going to explode again in the outdoor test; this time, her victim will be Belén López. In addition, the contestants will be visited by their relatives, with whom they will cook in the first test. You can’t miss it!

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The judges are ready for the first tests among the 16 candidates who will be part of the new MasterChef Junior. Do you want to know everything that the next edition brings us? Do not lose detail!

MasterChef Celebrity 4 program 4 gave us one of the most spectacular exteriors of the season. But how were the kitchens prepared? Here’s a video summary of the great work done by our production team, art and many more.

A pyramid of macarons in front of Tamara Falcó in honor of her mother, a luxury Iberian ham that Yolanda Ramos can not resist and an unforgettable toast to the premiere of the fourth edition of MasterChef Celebrity. Don’t miss it next Wednesday, September 11, on La 1.

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The third edition had as contestants actresses Paula Prendes, Dafne Fernández, María Castro and Paz Vega; actors Santiago Segura and Iván Massagué; singers Mario Vaquerizo and Xuso Jones; and was completed by Boris Izaguirre, Carmen Lomana, Antonia Dell’Atte, Jaime Nava and Óscar Higares.

Only one of the three initial test variations is performed in each program. All tests have a time limit set by the jury, and before starting, the contestants have three minutes to stock up on ingredients from a «supermarket», except in the team test.

On April 20, 2018, the casting of the third edition of the program was announced through a press release from RTVE,[29] premiering the season on September 9, 2018 and ending the edition on November 25, 2018. As a novelty, Bibiana Fernández and Anabel Alonso, after each program, conducted the late-night show Las Retales, in which they commented on the third edition of the culinary talent.[30]

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MasterChef es un programa MUNDIAL. Se dice claramente que es una aplicación de emisión de RTVE que es un canal español. Vosotros deberíais hacer algo mejor que juzgar. Si los angloparlantes leéis despacio no os quejaréis. ¡¡¡Por cierto, es una gran app para los que les gusta más la versión española del programa!!!