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This first job had a great influence on the young Gershwin, who soon began writing his own songs. The first of these was «When You Want ‘Em, You Can’t Get ‘Em, When You’ve Got ‘Em, You Don’t Want ‘Em,» in 1916. It earned 50 cents.

But it was in 1919, with his song «Swanee» (with lyrics by Irving Caesar), that he achieved real recognition. Apparently, Al Jolson, a famous Broadway singer in the 1910s, heard it at a party performed by Gershwin himself and decided to incorporate it into his repertoire.

At the end of the decade, Gershwin met William Daly, lyricist and musical director. Together they participated in several Broadway shows between 1920 and 1923, establishing between them a great friendship and a long and fruitful collaboration.

However, Gershwin was increasingly attracted to the symphonic world and wished to master the languages of the established composers, those who had entered the «hall of fame» and whose works were part of the official corpus. His first foray into this world was a tremendous success for him and came thanks to Rhapsody in Blue.

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In the United States, Warner Bros. considered the group a high priority and made the decision to invest a considerable amount of money in a revolutionary video for «Take on Me,» for which Tarney’s version was used. The single debuted in the United States a month after the video and immediately appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[5]Buskin mentioned that the «motto» of «Take on Me» should be «if you don’t initially succeed…» in reference to the song’s history and subsequent popularity.[1] «Take on Me» incorporates the song’s «take on me» and «Take on Me» is a song about the group.[1] Buskin said.

«»Take on Me» incorporates the best elements of a-ha. That song really shines because of Morten’s great vocals and those quirky little keyboard and synth parts that were so lovely to hear when played in the studio. It’s really a wonderful track.»-Alan Tarney.[1] -{{{2}}}}}

Likewise, the video also received generally positive reviews. Flashback Friday, a weekly UGO column, called it «one of the most iconic videos of all time» and «a masterpiece of animation.»[47] Meanwhile, Allmusic called the video «a hyperkinetic mashup.»[21] The entertainment section of Time. com found it «innovative, but genuinely infuriating», as well as including it in The 30 Greatest Music Videos of All Time.[48] Similarly, the BBC’s Liam Allen argued that «the combination of the quirky video and the insanely catchy song, carried by Magne Furuholmen’s cool keyboard hook, remain the pop combination of the best music videos of all time».

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Of this surprising reunion, the guitarist says: «We got together to play to raise funds for the children of a friend and we liked how it sounded and decided to continue. Then I decided to continue using the name alone, as an original member, and we made Canciones de Luna y Sol from 2017 to 2019».

The group’s sound has been updated, but the working streaks remain. «Bahat» has an upbeat start, with the guitar leading and providing energetic pop rock and vocals delivered with little clarity; the middle part solo possesses heavy overtones, but the sounds that weave underneath are closer to fusion; Meanwhile, «Aguafuego» is a slow song at the beginning that explodes and momentarily does not know where to go, if again towards that fine and almost catchy pop or towards a sample of fusion with voice that shades and introduces Latin rhythms, with a lounge organ, sensual, erotic, more like a son, to rebound again with a fast-paced guitar solo that sometimes is jazz and sometimes accelerates to reach the tints of heavy.

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Let’s take a hypothetical situation again. You want to paint a wall in your home to serve as an accent. Now, you simply don’t rush to Home Depot and start looking at every paint sample available, do you?

Once you have everything in place and are satisfied with your setup and the result, it’s time to process the video and export it to your computer storage. To do this, click the «Export» option and then, from the pop-up window that appears, opt for the file format you want, then click «OK» to start exporting your video.

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