Entradas el guardaespaldas el corte ingles

Entradas el guardaespaldas el corte ingles

Teatro coliseumtheatre in barcelona, spain

Pizza lovers have their van: Deligotessen. In this old riot police van in Paris, they prepare eight pizzas with products brought directly from Italy, with a dough that has fermented for 48 hours and that come out of the oven crispy and firm.

El Corte Inglés did not want to miss the occasion (playing at home) and has planted its food truck with the most tempting claims, which justify its name: The gourmet club. Tapeo de campanillas: oysters, champagne, Iberian acorn-fed ham and smoked salmon montadito, Greek yogurt cream and truffled honey and cans ….

For dessert, homemade ice cream, waffles and crepes from The Fabulous Luigis Ice Cream, which has locations on the streets of Dante, Urgell and Paseo de Fabra i Puig (next week). In what was a former military vehicle of the U.S. Army base in Rota.

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Sicor is made up of seven companies that will provide services to El Corte Inglés and other companies. It has security, comprehensive support services for individuals and companies, cleaning and maintenance, logistics, temporary employment company, specialized center to promote the employment of people with disabilities and provision of protective equipment. Company sources explain that the group is already in the final stages of creation and approval.

In security, the practice will have physical security (guards, personal protection and bodyguards, canine units) and electronic security. Home alarms will also be marketed. In full services, it will have, among others, the services of hostesses, concierges and chauffeurs, as well as the possibility of outsourcing production processes. It will also provide cleaning and maintenance services. And in supplies, it will sell uniforms and personal protective equipment to other companies.

«During the 2020 financial year, the business unit dedicated to the active management of the office buildings owned by the group, either for its own use or for rental to third parties, was strengthened, with the aim of optimizing the use of these assets and maximizing their capacity to generate income,» the company says.

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