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Princeton University, founded in 1746, is the fourth oldest university in the United States. It is located in a cosmopolitan township of 30,000 people in central New Jersey, from where the cities of Philadelphia and New York (about 55 miles away) are easily accessible by train. Visitors to the university often admire the natural and architectural beauty of the 500-acre campus.

Princeton University is a learning community that is enriched by the diverse experiences and perspectives of its students, faculty and staff. The University is committed to creating a diverse academic community where students can explore their interests, discover new academic and extracurricular activities, and learn from each other. Princeton is currently making a major effort to make its distinctive education accessible to a diverse student body from all cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.

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Presentation: Nonverbal Communication CourseImproving our communication is becoming a major issue. But how can we improve our communication if we are not aware of how we communicate? Nonverbal Communication is an effective tool to show us what we do very well and also those areas where we need to improve. It always reveals aspects that surprise us and that it is vital that we integrate in order to progress and develop our full potential, in every negotiation and in every human interaction of any kind.

This course will help professionals to be able to perceive in a few moments what profile of person they are in front of, it gives them the key to how they should approach and what their most appropriate communication model should be.

Course contentSpeech construction. Structure, approach and selection of ideas. From the blank page to the complete puzzle. Oratory and rhetoric applied to effective communication. Content and form: creating persuasive packaging. Brevity: the creation of the mantra or slogan. Direct and concise oratory. The creation of headlines. Clinton method. Practice: creating a speech from a case study. Correction and evaluation.

ie school of global and public affairs

Therefore, this theoretical and practical course, essential for any marketing and communication professional, provides in a comprehensive way the different rules, processes, techniques and tools necessary for the successful implementation of content marketing strategies.

The learning method has a theoretical and a practical component. Students will have to create and implement a real content strategy using all the tools at their disposal. The classes will have a workshop part for students to work on the practical side and create their content plan. The final project will be the creation and implementation of a real content plan for a brand including elements of the 5 modules.