Radio nacional de españa dial madrid

Radio nacional de españa dial madrid

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On this occasion, we tell you about the great visit we were able to make to the RNE Broadcasting Center, last June 2019, encouraged by our colleague Isidoro EA4DO and thanks to the courtesy of the Radio Club Henares and one of its founders Gerardo EA4DR (who also writes a great related blog that we encourage you to visit).

We particularly emphasize, agreeing completely with Juan Hernandez, the state in which is the technical library of the center that contains, among others, a large number of books and valuable collections of bound magazines on broadcasting techniques since its inception, which deserve to be transferred to a library or archive where they can be restored and preserved in proper conditions and be accessible to scholars of the subject. RTVE should take charge or at least hand it over to the National Library or similar institution as a matter of urgency.

«… as a tribute to Radio Nacional in Arganda, as a symbol of the history of radio in our country … to the people who worked and work so that radio broadcasting is still possible in Arganda….

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As main novelties, first we have to regret the disappearance of M21 Radio on 88.6, remaining a simple carrier and currently supplanted by an unidentified Latin radio station that probably comes from the powerful broadcasting centers located on Aguacate and Secoya streets, from where Radio Solidaria on 101.5 or Dynamis Radio on 96.2 also broadcast.

Thirdly, one of the phenomena that has most caught our attention is the appearance of the Vida FM channel; one more voice of the evangelical church Familia Unida, which has achieved the first place among those that monopolize the most radio space, broadcasting on five different frequencies in Madrid alone (92. 2, 94.2, 95.4, 103.2 and 104.1) above Radio María (89.7, 90.7, 95.6 and 96.9) and Onda Melodía (98.4, 104.6, and 106.8); being received simultaneously in areas where very possibly only one or at most two frequencies would be enough.

As we already know, Babyradio left us some time ago on 92.7. And this has been taken advantage of by Radio Sol XXI to extend its convergence with a second frequency which we presume will broadcast from the same point as another of the great disappeared stations such as Radio Fuenlabrada.

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The building, now abandoned, is part of a group of buildings located on both sides of the road in which RNE had the headquarters of the medium wave and short wave stations, housing and warehouses of materials, being the most representative this monumental building that housed the short wave station.

The building was designed by the architect Diego Méndez following the guidelines of the classical architecture of the Franco era. Inside, the entrance hall stands out, a square room decorated with polychrome marble, presided over by a large double staircase, also in marble. On the second floor, there is all the machinery responsible for generating the voltage and current necessary for shortwave transmitters, and on the third floor, there is a library with articles and books on telecommunications.

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The Autonomous Community of La Rioja has had its broadcasting functions and services transferred to it by the State Administration, by virtue of Royal Decree 1691/1994, of July 22, 1994, consisting of the following:

The digital radio frequencies assigned for the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, with state coverage, are included in the National Technical Plan for Digital Terrestrial Sound Broadcasting, approved by Royal Decree 1287/1999, of July 23.

Order of October 15, 2001, approving the planning of frequency blocks for local digital radio, under indirect management, corresponding to the National Technical Plan for Digital Sound Broadcasting.